Monday, September 21, 2015


vadanti tat tattva-vidas
tattvam yaj jnanam advayam
brahmeti paramatmeti
bhagavan iti sabdyate
The Absolute Truth is both subject and object, and there is no qualitative difference there. Therefore, Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan are qualitatively one and the same.
(Bhag. 1.2.11) - The three divine aspects can be explained by the example of the sun,which also has three different aspects,namely the sunshine,the sun's surface and the sun planet itself.
one who studies the sunshine only
is the preliminary who understands the sun's surface is further advanced.and one who can enter into the sun planet is the highest.

This painting i made for my friend and a wonderful steampunk style based jewelry designer abhishek basak,this painting represents his latest collection of jewelry based on the concept of "Chakra".

Navarasa (nine emotions)

The Mind is a space which is filled with positive and negative emotions. Nava rasas in a 2000 year old Indian concept of emotions. These emotions, 9 in number, have been built into a system of dance called Natya Shastra by Sage Bharata.) Rasa is a rapture or relish and 37 chapters of the Natya Shastra are devoted to eight of them, as Bharatha does not consider “Shantha” or peace a major Rasa. Bharata’s Natya Shastra even described each rasa with a different colour.

The rasas are: Love, humour, compassion, wrath, chivalry, fear, abhorrence and wonder. The eight rasas have within them 49 sentiments.

i have completed 3 paintings based on 3 Rasas,these paintings i'm putting here are just previews,i'll definitely be putting the framed version once i complete all of can join me on my facebook page "Art your Heart" ,the link to this page is here  - 

Art Your Heart by Shashank Mishra

Shringara Rasa(love) Shringara means love and beauty. This is the emotion used to represent that which appeals to the human mind, that which one finds beautiful, that which evokes love. This is indeed the king of all rasas and the one that finds the most frequent portrayal in art.

Bhayanaka Rasa(fear)Fear is a negative energy. It saps your ability to act. Unless you confront it, it follows you like a shadow. Fear and the consequent anxiety ( or its product anxiety) cause your courage to leak out of the system like a leaking gas pipeline. It is characterized by the inability to act. The body is full of stress chemicals and time is wasted on depressed and negative self-talk. It pollutes the most powerful mind field - Dr. Rekha Shetty. 

Adbhut Rasa(wonder)“Adbhuta is wonder and curiosity. The awe that one feels when one comes across something divine and supernatural,Adbhuta is the curiosity of human beings regarding the creation of the world and all its wonders, the astonishment caused by seeing something unusual and magical. The appreciation of a marvel that goes beyond the routine and the mundane is Adbhuta…


women as brides,start of a new journey,loads of responsibilities,expectations.i had to project that emotion,the power,sometimes that carefree attitude,happiness and the burden and fear behind a beautiful,feminine figure.

This one is not a part of the project "brides" but i followed the same style of work in making this character named "Visharpi" ,a very famous part of India's leading comic book company Raj comics's "Nagaraj " series.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

painting of Mumtaj mahal

it's always refreshing to make something for your own satisfaction, there are so many famous names in my mind,that's a wish list that whenever i'll get time t'll definitely make them,Mumtaj mahal was one of them,and when i read the details about her,that picture was very much clear,and the task was that i had to be a designer to make this painting,thus i started searching about the Mughal costumes ,jewelries,stones,handcrafts,music.i could actually hear the echo of empty ,specious royal castles.the enormous Harem chaos and giggles of women.The mystery, the fear,the red of blood and red of beauty in that air.!!i'm basically from lucknow and this city still has that essence somewhere in its old monuments,in some of its streets and places and people..!!
the very first time i framed my art,collected the memories of getting the print out,choosing the right frame for it.i gifted it to some of my friends and some friends on facebook requested the print out and bought it.this whole period was like a celebration and i thoroughly enjoyed and celebrated.  


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Advertising campaign for Cheil india (Title - Grow stronger than your fear)

milk ad campaign for Cheil india,the basic idea was to create a world of all things scary,and kids are fighting bravely with their fear,be it ghost,bullies or reptiles/insects,just because they drink milk and they are strong enough to face any fear..!! it was so good to see my work on Delhi roads as hoardings /posters,they put it in kids schools and they loved it.i have videos where kids are explaining what they could see.they actually explained everything exactly how i made and the good thing is that they were genuinely inspired to drink milk regularly.This campaign was an entry for Cannes lions awards for creative ads 2015."Ads of the world" shared it on their website and facebook page(,( humbling to see the response. 

video video

some random freelance works

These were actually cards(can be used as a greetings),for some popular international Days/festivals,and i had a liberty to design them my way,so i experimented,like for Christmas card,i made a steam punk santa.for president's day,i choose 16th century painting pattern (the concept shows, the very first president's army to the current army of america). Martin luther day,water color,vintage paper effects.valentine's day - i hated making this one,because i had no clue,what to make but i made because i had to..the cute one..!,and the chinese new year - loved researching about Chinese culture,the story about "nian" and dragons and "Budai".

The children's books i created (covers and interiors)

i worked over almost 10 titles of angel stories,each title had a special angel,with some special powers and each time designing something absolutely cute and inspiring character(keeping the kids who are gonna read these book,in mind) was a sheer joy..!!